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GSM – MobiControl

 Remote control and monitoring through the GSM Network.  A single device suitable for a wide range of application.  Free call, SMS, Email, keyboard codes and even Tweets ! Up to 12 inputs and 2 relay outputs Control via SMS, Tweets, Web, free calls or keyboard codes (DTMF). Alerts to multiple recipients on local events (SMS, Call, Email, Tweet).


Mobi.Control is an industrial DIN rail GSM modem for the supervision and control of remote inputs and outputs by means of enhanced features available through GSM network and the Web. Mobi.Control sends user defined messages via SMS, tweet, e-mail or free phone rings. Mobi.Control can provide detailed reports on input status and notify local events. Outputs can be controlled by authorized users via SMS, tweet, Web, free phone rings and phone keyboard. The user can configure the unit to deploy actions when a specific event occurs.

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